The vendor list may change from time to time.  Check the home page first for new vendors and then this list.  If you are looking for someone in particular, email us. 

List of Vendors 

Kandy & Joe Carroll:  Vietnamese food and eggrolls:  (225) 328-7897                    Suzanne Bergeron:  Hot tamales, Crawfish Pies & Funnel Cakes  email:, 504-228-7680.        Leon & Gina Blanda:  Beef & chicken jerky                Rhonda Breaux:  Sweet Heat Jellies- Jams & pepper jellies email:  985-264-9946 

BellaBlue Sweets Cookies

Melanie Mills

Savory and sweet food items

Cell 985-966-9800


 Our menu is different every week! We usually offer a soup, a plate lunch, and an "On The Go" snack.  

List of Vendors

 Ryan Brown:  Homemade Pet Food                                Steven Mixon: Local Honey                                           Leon & Gina Blanda:  Beef Jerky                                  Louisa Grover:  Salsa and Enchiladas                            Abeer Halassa Haddad:  Lebenesse & Medeterian Food                                          Mike Sauvaie:  Tamales                                               Eric & Fran Walsh ; Soup Marche                                    Marsha Leronimo: Pickles, Pepper Jellies, Jams            Sandy Perolta:Fruit  Ice Cream Pops                              Jeff & Guillot: Personal Size Cakes, Chocolates                                  

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