Mardi Gras Time

Custom Crafts Planters

Bird Houses and Feeders


Serendipitous Designs:

CPF Paintings 

Larry Buras

Tracy Thomassie

original paper collage silhouettes, magnets, note cards, prints

Beadwork by Margo 

Nadea Calincova      

Fleur de art

Harris & Michelle Meche

call: 504-813-6442

 Fleur de lis Wall Decor

Tim Craig

Vision Tec Video

Sugar's Hair Flair by Ann Cappo Barrettes, Bows, Ribbons & Accessories

List of Arts and CraftVendors

Elizabeth Duet:  Wildlife Photography

Charles Burkenstock:  Knives

Lucy Medina:  Soaps and Body Products

Shaunna Harris:  Leather Goods

Beverly Gorg:  Embroidery items

Belinda Page:  Specialty Items

Kristen Bray: Ornamental tiles

Betty & Gerald Effez:  Collector Prints

Kristen Bulloch:  Decorative items

Fran Pechon:  Children Clothing

Denise& Floyd Arabie:  Wooden Swings, embroidery items

Larry Buras:  Custom Crafts-Bird Houses, Planters, Feeders

Sharon Dembrun:  Custom made bottle lights 

Jeanette Murrary: Pottery

Linda Gerhing: Local and Historic Photography

Linda McNeely: Fabric Purses

Lawrence Antoine-Local themed Coasters

Mike Cangelosi: Men's Custom Shaving Suds and Creams

Connie Simmer: Seasonal and Holiday Wreaths

Charolette Wright: Dolls

Judie Allen: Children's Toys and Puzzles

Diana Braton: Soaps, Essential Oil Blends

Shaunna Harris: Leather Belts, Bags and Leather Works

Betty Esquinance : Quilts: football and baby, pillows

Beadwork by Margo: 985-8827574

Ted Sullivan: Wooden Bowls

Ferris Hotard: Botanical

Karen Supan: Hand knitted scarves, hats, handbags, necklaces

Mr. Babin: Birdhouse Condos, Benches

Dyane Mitchel : Sterling Jewelry

Nicole Gilles: Serendipitous Designs: Wall Art and Jewelry

 Linda Watsky: Purses Baskets, Table Runners, hats etc.

Kathy Brenner: Vintage Lace, Crochet Items

Jo Brown: Decoupage Switch CoversClay Creations: Clay Plaques

Paul Robin: Crafted wooden bowls

C.J.s Antiques and Collectibles:  Mary Scandurro Original Art and Jewelry: 985-386-0026

Guiliano Leronimo: Pottery

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