April Vendor of the Month

Rhonda Breaux

Sweet Heat Jellies:  Homemade pepper jellies.

Vendors:  Over 50 vendors

Art work :  Oils, water color, photography

Jewelry, glassware, wood items, soaps,  and pottery

Accessories for the home and for you

Plants and food

Children clothes, accessories, and toys

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Fax: 985-792-7298
Email: mandevillemarket@gmail.com
Market is open every Saturday from 9:00 a.m. - 1:00 p.m.
April 25
Christina Stalls
Something to look for at the Market:
Fran Pechon with children's clothing, Ted Sullivan with wooden cypress bowls, Christie Blanco with glazed sugar pecans, David Beard with silverware jewelry along with all the regular vendors.

April Vendor Highlight: Dyane Mitchell

Dyane has been participating in the market since its inception in 2001. Dressed in her beret featuring one of her original accent pieces, Dyane’s unique, handcrafted sterling pieces are certainly collectables. One of a kind describes Dyane’s work as she strives to continue growing and evolving with her designs. Dyane also offers copper pieces such as pendants, hair accessories and pins. Dyane shares her passion for jewelry making with a strong passion for music which is expressed through her love of performing. As a singer/songwriter, Dyane continues to reinvent her favorite musical style, Delta Blues. Stop by and visit Dyane in booth 39b.

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